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Tattoo Submittal Form

We are a visual site, so please only submit spectacular images. Images must be at least 250x250.
Make sure you have the legal right to publish this picture.
The link should go to a blog permalink, an article, or a specific story or detail page on a website. Please do not submit links to a site's homepage; we are looking for links that will be useful to the people that click on them.
Be descriptive and informative. This is what will appear under your image on the page's detail screen. Good examples include: Celtic design on ankle, Barbed wire armband, Red tribal tattoo on upper back.
This shows up under your image and will be visible to everyone who views your picture, so have fun (keep it clean!), but don't try to market or promote yourself - let the picture be the highlight.
This is a helpful way for other people to find the pictures you submit. Visitors to the site will be able to find your images when they search for words that contain any of the tags you have entered.

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