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Who can submit images?

Contribution is open to anyone who registers.

What can be submitted?

You can submit anything tattoo-related that is represented by an image - from a tattoo to a blog post to a video to a news article to a photo of a tattoo shop - but not everything will get published. Inkcover is filtered, which means a team of real people reviews each submission and decides which ones to publish. We don't accept porn, profanity, spam, or anything else that most would consider objectionable, so please consider this before submitting your image. If it isn't for us, there are a lot of other tattoo sites that might be a better fit.

How do I submit a picture?

  1. Register. There are no special requirements or qualifications to contribute; you only have to be registered to submit.
  2. Upload an image that is at least 250x250 px. You will be able to crop it to the right size and shape with the site's image tool. Our site doesn't allow you to adjust colors or do other fancy things that real photo editing software can do, so if that's what your picture needs, use one of those programs to edit your image before uploading it to Inkcover.
  3. Enter a link that goes to a specific blog post (permalink), news article, video or other detail page, and not a site's homepage.
  4. Write a descriptive caption.
  5. Assign categories and tags to help other people discover your submissions.
  6. Submit and wait while we review your picture. Depending on how busy we are and how many submissions we get, this can take a while, so please be patient.

What are we looking for in the pictures we publish?

Our goal is to serve up only the very best tattoo pictures, so that's where we start. But, we also want links and captions that help viewers. What do we mean by that? Well, links should take the viewer to a page that provides additional information about the tattoo and that isn't too much of an in-your-face sales pitch (you know what I'm talking about) and captions should be descriptive, clear,smart, and engaging. Still not sure what we're looking for? Here is a little more information:

Image - High quality picture that highlights an outstanding example of tattoo art or culture

Inkcover is interested in publishing only the most outstanding tattoo pictures online, so the quality of the photograph is just as important as the beauty of the tattoo. Pictures should be well-lit, accurately colored, have good contrast, and be in focus. We want viewers of these pictures to be awed by what they see - images that make them stop in their tracks and appreciate the amazing talent that has created such a work of art. And, always make sure you have permission to submit the image (that probably means that you own it or that sharing it is allowed under a license given by the person who took the picture.

Link - Goes to a specific page on a website that contains additional and relevant information

When someone clicks on a picture on Inkcover it is because they want to learn more about the image or the artist, so keep this in mind when you are submitting your images and providing a link back to the source of the photo. We want the links to give the viewer additional information in the form of a blog post, an artist's biography, a news article, a video, or a detail page on a shop's website. We also won't usually publish submissions that link to a site's homepage, to Flickr, or people trying to directly sell something online.

Caption - Descriptive and engaging

Here's the minimum standard for your caption: describe the image. If you can do so in a way that is amusing or engaging or thought-provoking, great, but at the very least make sure that viewers will know what the picture is about. Captions are important because they help people search and find your submissions. Please do not write anything that could be considered advertising or a sales pitch, like "Click here", "Check out...", or "Free..." We will categorize this as spam and your image, no matter how fantastic it is, will not get published.

How long will it take before you post or reject my submisstion?

After you submit a photo, it may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days for it to appear on Inkcover. Please be patient and don't start sending us email after email wondering why we haven't published your picture yet. We get to everything - sometimes it just takes us a while. We get a lot of submissions and we review every single one to make sure it meets our standards - that links are appropriate, captions are informative, and that the pictures are gorgeous.


If you checked the "Notify me" box during the Submission process, you will get an email when we have reviewed your submission. You can also visit your Profile Page and see a list of your submissions categorized as "approved", "pending", or "declined".

Does my image have to be exactly 250 pixels by 250 pixels in size?

No, your image does not have to be exactly 250x250 pixels when you upload it. The image can be larger, but then you will have to use our image tool to select a 250 x 250 px area of the photograph that will be displayed on our site.

Can I submit pictures smaller than 250 pixels by 250 pixels?

No, the height and the width of your photo must be at least 250 pixels.

I keep submitting pictures, but they are never approved. Why?

Most often, submissions are rejected because there is a problem with the photograph (lighting, focus, composition, white balance, etc.), but posts can also be declined based on the quality of the link included with the submission or the appropriateness of the caption. If your submission is declined, you will receive feedback on why your photo was not selected. Please don't be discouraged if your photos are declined; please keep trying!

What are tags and why should I use them?

Tags are words that you can add to your submission that will help to make it easier for others to find your pictures. Visitors who perform a search that includes a tag that you have included will have results returned that include your image. Tagging is entirely optional, but highly encouraged.

How do I get a site badge to show off my gallery?

Login and then click on your username in the upper right corner of the screen. On your profile page in the Account Settings area, click on the link that says Inkcover Badges.

How do I change my password or email address?

Click on your username in the upper right hand corner and you'll be able to change your password or email address on your profile page.

How do I change my username?

You aren't able to do it yourself, but if you send us your current and desired username via the contact form, we will change it for you, if it's available. Keep in mind that your username is case and space sensitive. Also, make sure to enter your email address that's associated with your account.

How do I advertise on Inkcover?

If you are a company and think that our audience would be a good match for your products or services, please use our contact form to send us a message inquiring about our advertising options.

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